Homero Ganem Biography

Colombian artist Homero Ganem, a.k.a. HG, discovered his love of art at a young age. He would frequently visit his aunt’s art studio and dreamed of making what he loved his career, as she did. In school, he would pass the time with scribbles and doodles while letting his imagination run wild.

 HG is a 100% self-taught artist. Over time, he developed a signature style that puts his paintbrush to photographic images. By strategically overlaying vibrant, colorful painted imagery over his black and white photos, HG delivers a dramatic touch that mirrors his perception of life. The freehand artwork interplays with its surrounding environment to tell a story that is at once fictional and realistic.


HG uses this mixed media technique to tell his own life stories of his upbringing in South America and of the women who were the backbone of his family, always playing a vital role in his childhood. HG inserts his Homer Simpson-like avatar into each unique piece, sporting a mustache as an ode to his Colombian and Hispanic roots and giving his artwork a first-person perspective.


HG’s work is produced through archival pigment prints, a process which incorporates refined particles of pigment that are resilient to the environmental elements that typically shorten the life of a print. HG prints on non-traditional mediums, like wood and metal, and directly onto canvas to alter the image and locations. He uses an array of tools, including acrylics, spray paint, and a unique addition of metallic colors that bring his pop-fusion aesthetic to life.


Thematically, HG’s work is a collection of symbolic reflections on identity, life in the modern and urban world through the passage of time, and the relationship between people, art, and the world they share. The lost souls in his creations resemble those among us who struggle to find meaning in life. Painting them in various metallic colors that look beautiful TOGETHER is a parallel to the way that open collaboration brings out the best colors in we humans.


HG has been a Miami resident for more than 20 years and recently has been an active contributor to several murals in the new art scene in Wynwood. HG’s artwork resonates in diverse and universal circles while showing off the vibrant lifestyle of his home base in Miami. From 2015 to 2017, HG owned the Ganem Studios Art Gallery, and he has participated in the past six Art Basel’s, gaining name recognition and brand awareness in the process. Today, HG is working on a new exhibition in Bogota, Colombia for Q1, 2022.